Panama Canal [Railway] Tour

2.5 Hours - An unforgettable guided tour through the jungle and along the canal on the Panama Trans-Isthmian Railway. Travel by train along the Panama Canal route.

2 Packages:
Standard Wagon10 $50
Panoramic Wagon10 $65
Check-in 11:00 AM
Departing 11:30 AM
Corozal, Estación del Ferrocarril
8 pers. max.

Meet us at the Panama Canal Railway Station in Corozal, Panama City at 11:00am.

The train departs at 11:30am.

This journey lasts 3 hour traveling from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean until we arrive in Colon City.

An impressive journey following the route through the isthmus of Panama, bordering the shore of the Canal, crossing the tropical jungle, passing in a stretch over Gatun Lake by means of a bridge.

Currently there are five luxurious cars, rebuilt for the transit of executives and merchants who travel to work between both cities, and for tourists in general.

Each car of this train is named in honor of a river in the geography of Panama.

Its interior is well thought out reminiscent of the golden age of train travel, with luxurious wood paneling, carpeted floors, tables, dim lamps, wooden shutters, air conditioning, large windows to appreciate the view, bathrooms and a balcony to the fresh air to go out and feel like you are in the tropical jungle.

Return: This tour ends at approximately 2 PM back at Corozal Station.

Restrictions: Pets, bicycles, alcoholic beverages, food, drinks, and coolers are not allowed.

Cancellations: Tickets are non-refundable. If a change is needed, it must be requested 48 hours before the travel date.

Available for Purchase: Coffee, snacks, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages.


  • Railway Tickets
  • Round trip ground transport

Not Included:

  • Ground transport to the meeting point
  • Guide
  • Meals

Terms & Conditions:

Booking Details:

Check-in 11:00 AM
Departing 11:30 AM
Corozal, Estación del Ferrocarril
8 pers. max.